Marketing Management Services

As a small business owner, your time is valuable. 

But your to-do list just never seems to end! 

And on that list, there are things that you love to do…but then there are also those…. other things…

Key components that are essential to growing your business, that you just can’t do. 

Maybe you realize you’d rather have someone else take some things off of your plate. After all, they can do it better and faster, and time is money.  

We’re here to take on the tasks that will grow your audience and engage your customers in a way that creates a path to natural sales.

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Helping small businesses find their voice. Authentic brand strategy for small business owners.
I am extremely happy with the work Created Social has done for me. Their services saved me so much time! Their responses were fast and they kept up communication with me as they completed the work. I would highly recommend Created Social to anyone. Whenever I came to a bump in the road Tara Lee and Created Social were available with support and direction!
Jane M
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