Vision Workshop | 1 Hour | 1-on-1 Workshop


  • 1-hour workshop with a Created Social expert for an exclusive Roadmap Strategy Session.
  • Vision Workshop evaluation
  • Post-workshop follow-up



One-on-one Personalized Strategy Session to discover the next steps to fulfilling the dreams you have for your business!

You started your business for a reason. Whether you were filling a need in your community or niche or were pursuing a dream, when you started you ran on passion.

As your business develops, your task lists become longer and more detailed…you need help seeing past the day-to-day.

That’s where Vision Workshops come in to help:

We love to help small business owners rediscover the dreams they have for their business, and how they can achieve them.

We want to help you reignite the passion and get back to the parts of running your business that you LOVE and help you remove some of the tasks that are draining your energy.

How can I get support for my small business?

When you started this role in your business, you probably had no idea all of the joys and even the challenges running a small business would entail.

We get it, because we’ve been there too!

And we can help support you and your small business. 

What do I get in a Created Social Vision Workshop?

Created Social Vision Workshops are one-hour strategy sessions where you get a team of creative and strategy-focused minds who will help you discover the dreams you have for your business, and the baby steps you can take to achieve them.

When you purchase a Vision Workshop, you’ll get access to our Vision Workshop Questionnaire. This is how we’ll get to know you. But also,

  • your business
  • your customer,
  • what you love about your job
  • what you (hate is such a strong word 😅) don’t love
  • …and what you’ve done in the past.

We’ll help you sort through what has worked for you, and what hasn’t. And from there, we’ll jump on Zoom with you figure it all out and brainstorm what you should do next!

With your purchase you will receive:

  • A one-on-one, 1-hour Zoom Vision Workshop
  • The Vision Workshop Evaluation
  • Actionable ideas report based on your wants, needs, and dreams for your business

After your call, you will receive:

  • The recording of your session in case you want to re-watch it
  • An actionable ideas report of our research and the results of your session with ideas and tasks for you to implement.
  • 3-month follow-up evaluation to track your progress

Before your call, we will:

  • Read and analyze your evaluation and come up with a personalized agenda for your call.
  • Our team will spend time trying to see who you are and researching your business. We’ll look at your social media and website. If you are a local Sheboygan area brick and mortar, we’ll come check out your office or store.
  • We’ll come up with a conversation customized and tailored to your unique business and your personal needs as the owner.


Are you short on time?

If you need help making these dreams a reality, we can help you there, too. Whether you want a DIY action plan that you can execute on your own, or you want to hire us to help, your session doesn’t change. You will get our undivided attention and a personalized experience with no pressure to buy any other services. Period.


The Vision Workshop Roadmap

The Created Social Roadmap is our signature formula for giving your business goals purpose and clarity. When using our roadmap, you’ll discover who your customer is, what things you are doing that isn’t working for your business, and then…the fun part… we’ll cultivate creative ways that you can reach out to your audience in new and exciting ways!

We accomplish this in 4 steps:

This is your foundation. We will analyze and discover who you are, what your business is about and what you like and dislike about how things are.

In create, we’ll talk about where you are online. We will pull apart all of the layers of your content and see where you are.

You are in this for sales. And without a client, it’s very difficult to find sales, isn’t it?!?! Let’s find out what your “voice” is. How can we make your customers feel connected to your business in a personal way.  Communication…that’s how 🙂

Now that you know all of these things, let’s get to the good part…Let’s put it all to action! You’ll discover fresh new ways to speak to your customer in a way that makes them feel comfortable with you. We’ll brainstorm with you and give you a report full of ideas that you can put into practice immediately.

Want more help after your call?

Our Vision Workshop with Strategy will give you all of the benefits of the Vision Workshop PLUS a 1-time monthly editorial calendar which you can use to plan the next month of content on three platforms. This gives you an outline of what to do when, instead of just an actionable idea plan where you come up with the timetable and content topics.


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