If you’re here, you’re likely curious about Master Resell Rights (MRR) or seeking an honest review of the Digital Growth Community’s Legacy Builders Program. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about both. After spending over 10 years in digital marketing, I know when it’s time to give something more attention, so I decided to step into the program and take a look myself. I’ve discovered the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I’m transparently sharing it with you here today. I hope it helps you understand what it is and offers you more information to make wise decisions for your business!

Let’s delve into both MRR and its significance within the Legacy Builders Program.

What Does Master Resell Rights (MRR) Mean? 

First, we need to understand what Master Resale Rights (MRR) means. There are many misconceptions and opinions, but the two most common I’ve seen are that it’s a scam (pyramid scheme, etc.) or that it’s not valid because you are not the creator of the MRR digital product. We’ll explore both below, but to help get a clear picture, here’s the definition: MRR is a unique concept in the digital marketing world. When you acquire MRR, you gain the legal right to resell a digital product and keep 100% of the profits. This is significantly different from traditional affiliate marketing, network marketing, MLM, or others where you only earn a percentage or commission on sales.

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How Do Master Resale Rights Work?

Again When you acquire MRR, you gain the legal right to resell a digital product and keep 100% of the profits. Because of that, there are certainly key benefits of Master Resale Rights which I’ll note below. (If you’re looking for cons hang tight they are coming…)

Full Ownership of Profits: With MRR, you sell the product directly to customers and keep all the revenue. There are no middlemen or commission splits.

Ready-to-Sell Products: MRR often comes with pre-designed sales materials, including full funnels like sales pages, marketing copy, and promotional graphics, saving you time and effort. It’s great for those new to digital marketing or for adding another income stream if you don’t want to create, test, and sell your own digital product.

Versatile Marketing Options: You can decide how you want to market it. You can choose to market these products organically through social media, SEO, and content marketing, or invest in paid advertising to boost sales it’s up to you.

No Inventory Hassles: Since these are digital products, there’s no need to manage physical inventory or deal with shipping logistics.

What does MRR have to do with the Digital Growth Community Legacy Builders Program?

So are Master Resell Rights (MRR) Legit? 

As I noted above, there are different types of business models. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it’s not uncommon for people to exploit and twist any business model for their gain. MRR is a legitimate business model to follow IF the product you are reselling provides value for your customers. The biggest concern I found with MRR in general is the quality of the end product you are reselling. I would want to ensure it is valuable, helpful, and meets the needs of my ideal customer. I would want it to be a proven converter, or I would create it myself. But that’s just my perspective. That is exactly why I jumped into this proven system. It met all the criteria.

WARNING: Beware of Empty Promises in Some MRR Digital Products

In the ever-expanding digital marketplace, not all Master Resell Rights (MRR) products, courses, and programs are created equal. Unfortunately, some of them are filled with empty promises and positioned as get-rich-quick schemes. It’s crucial to approach these offerings with a critical eye and understand the red flags to watch out for. This is exactly why I chose this high quality MRR program.

Some MRR programs make grandiose claims, promising instant wealth and success without providing any training on how to get there or hiding the expertise or an established audience they may have had to reach their level of success. These promises can be misleading.

Here’s why:

1. Lack of Expertise:

2. No Established Audience:

3. Empty Promises:

4. Get-Rich-Quick Mentality:

And no matter your skill level in Digital Marketing, if it’s an awful end product, I would choose to steer clear!

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How to Choose a Reliable MRR Program

When considering an MRR program, look for the following qualities:

Credibility and Expertise

Ensure the program is created by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Look for credentials, testimonials, and case studies that demonstrate their expertise and success in the field.

Quality of the Product

Dig in to see if the end product is high quality and will be something you are proud to promote. Not all MRR products are created equal, and the success of your venture will heavily depend on the quality and value of the product you choose to resell.

Comprehensive Training

A good MRR marketing program should offer in-depth training on all aspects of digital marketing, including product creation ideas, marketing strategies, audience building, and proven sales funnels or optimization training. This training should be actionable, easy to follow, and cover all necessary aspects to ensure you’re well-equipped to promote and sell the product effectively.

Community Support

Programs that offer a supportive community of like-minded individuals can significantly enhance your learning experience. Access to mentors, peer support, and regular updates can help you stay on track and overcome challenges. Look for reviews about the level of assistance for technical issues and encouragement from the community.

Realistic Expectations

Choose programs that offer you ample guidance on the path toward success. Step-by-step instructions are crucial. Understand that even though the product and funnel system may be provided, you cannot neglect the importance of hard work, persistence, and continuous improvement in your marketing. It’s essential to recognize that your success with an MRR program requires dedication and consistent marketing efforts.

Earning Potential

Consider the revenue possibilities and time investment offered by MRR vs. what you are able to create and promote on your own. Assess whether the potential earnings justify the time and effort required.

Personal Commitment

HIGHLY consider your willingness to implement the strategies taught. Your success with a quality MRR program will largely depend on your commitment and dedication to applying what you learn. Evaluate your personal readiness to commit time and effort to maximize the benefits of the program.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose a reliable MRR program that not only meets your needs but also sets you up for long-term success in the online space.

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Advantages of the Digital Growth Community MRR

UPDATE: Click here to see a live training from Michele Oneil

Disadvantages of the Digital Growth Community

What if You Are Passionate About Creating Your Own Digital Product?

If your primary goal is to learn each of the many steps involved in validating your product idea, creating your product, setting up a marketing funnel, and testing your product to ensure it converts, I have another recommendation for you. This custom-build program here is designed specifically for those who want to master the complete journey of digital product creation from scratch.

Just remember you also have to learn how to market any product or service. 

However, if you are just starting and prefer to begin with a proven product before venturing into creating your own, then the Legacy Builders Program might be the perfect fit for you. It provides you with high-quality, ready-to-sell digital products, and teaches you a ton of effective marketing strategies, allowing you to actually become an expert and generate income while you learn the ropes of  creating your own product. Learn, Implement and Earn.

I have experienced and see the value in both approaches. Whether you want to dive straight into creating your own digital products and learning how to market those or start with proven ones to build your confidence and skills, it ultimately depends on what you prefer on your journey. Both paths offer valuable learning experiences and opportunities for success!


Is the Legacy Builders Program a Scam?

No, the program isn’t a scam. Some people quickly dismiss this opportunity as a scam because they don’t understand it or because they prefer to create their own digital products to sell. If that’s you, I’m not here to change your mind. But if this opportunity has you curious or at least open-minded, consider this: over 20,000+ passionate people have already joined the program and are seeing real results. This speaks volumes about its potential and value.

The Legacy Builders Program offers a unique opportunity for people interested in digital marketing or looking for a second income stream. With its focus on MRR, comprehensive training, and supportive community, it presents a compelling option for those looking to generate income online.

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Why Michele Oniel’s Digital Growth Community Programs Stand Out

Legacy Builders Program is NOT for you if:

Success with the Legacy Builders Program is entirely your responsibility. Michele Oneil, myself as our Daily Pay Mentor, and the community can offer extensive support, but you need to take action. As Tony Robbins wisely said, “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”  If you’re not willing to be coachable and follow the steps laid out for you, this program is not for you. I’m not trying to be unkind, I only want to see you succeed.

Here are five reasons this program may not be a good fit:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Digital Growth Community: Legacy Builders

What additional monthly expenses will I incur?

Do I have to do paid ads?

Do I need to have an existing audience?

How can I earn 100% of profits? That sounds impossible.

What exactly are the products?

What is the cost?

Are there payment plans?

How can I really get paid while I sleep?

What other expenses will I incur?

Can I sell my own products using this program?

I don’t like sales calls. Do I need to do that?

Do I need to reach out to my family and friends?

I’ve tried so many other things. Why is this different?

Some of the main differences of this include:

I won’t be able to set aside a 2-hour daily block of time. Does that disqualify me?

What tools do I need to run this business?

Will I be recruiting and building a team?

Can I upgrade from one level to the next?

What’s my next step?

Should You Seize the Opportunity?

In the grand tapestry of digital marketing, Michele’s Digital Growth Community: Legacy Builders Program offers hope and a solid opportunity. With its laser focus on Master Resale Rights (MRR), top-notch training, mindset growth strategies, and unwavering community support, it’s not just a program – it’s a catalyst for transformation.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a budding entrepreneur, the Legacy Builders Program equips you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to succeed in the digital marketplace. It provides a ready-made pathway to income through proven products, allowing you to build confidence and skills in the online business world. 

To help you even further, I’m also offering mentorship to 9 women this month as they start their own home businesses or add an income stream through this simple, proven blueprint. 

Register to learn more with no obligation!

Friend, always choose the path that aligns best with your current season and business aspirations, and enjoy your journey to digital marketing success starting today!

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